April 29, 2012

Mock-Layer Sequin Vest

Avril wearing:
Los Angeles Siren Studios April 28th 2010Hollywood April 28th 2010

Lace-Up Studded Shirt

Military Crop Top Set

Avril wearing:
Los Angeles May 18th 2010

Mock-Layer Tank

Avril wearing:
Los Angeles May 18th 2010

Rose Top

Ellie Skellie Loose Fit Tank

Leopard Bowskully Loose Fit Tank

Buttoned Up Loose Fit Tank

Heartcore Loose Fit Tank

Headbanger Burnout Cropped Top

Laced Multi-Layer Top

Blast From The Past Burnout Crop Top

Avril wearing:
London Leaving Hotel for Brit Awards February 15th 2011

WTH V-Neck Slouch Tee

Avril wearing:
What The Hell Music Video

Charmed Tee - white

Smile Tee

Timebomb Tank Top

Avril wearing:
Majors and Minors 2011

Metal Heart Burnout Racerback Tank

Avril wearing:
Los Angeles Airport April 08th 2011

Safety Dance Shoulder Bag

Midnight Bag

Avril wearing:
Koi Restaurant January 30th 2012Extra The Grove March 13th 2012

Flutterby Bag

Picnic Bag

Stop and Stare Bikini

Avril wearing:
Abbey Dawn Shooting

Rockstar Wallet

Flag Days Wallet

April 27, 2012

Gold Foil Hot Pants

Checkered Pajama Pants

Floral Print Leggings

Studded Twill Shorts

Star & Skull Pajama Pants

Blue & White Jeans

Studded Hot Pants

Lace-Up Crinkle Skinny Jeans

Geometric Twill Skinny Pants

Sjull Pajama Pants

Zebra Pajama Pants

Rock'n'Roll Capris

I Can Do Better Pajama Pants

Newspaper Pajama Pants

Face & Boom Box Pajama Pants